Welcome to the first episode of the Design Your Wedding Business podcast.

I’m so excited to have you here at the beginning of this journey!

I want to start by getting to know each other. I want to hear your story, and in this episode, you’ll get to hear mine.

As a wedding business coach, I’ve made it my mission to help creative entrepreneurs build streamlined workflows, processes, and procedures so they can grow their businesses and spend time on what they love the most: their craft, families, and lives.

I know it’s not always fun to put in the work to build a well-oiled machine, but luckily for you, that’s what I love to do. On this podcast, I’m teaching you how to take the stress and chaos out of your business, remove the guesswork, and discover a clear, profitable path to sustainable growth.

Topics We’re Covering in This Episode:

  • Who I am and why I started my business
  • What to expect from this podcast
  • Transitioning from starting a business on the side to going all-in
  • Making your first hire and growing a business
  • Building relationships with clients
  • Keeping a business running through life-altering events
  • The importance of processes and procedures in your business

I hope you enjoy getting to know me in this episode and hearing a little bit about how I got started in my business. Now, I want to hear about you! Shoot me a message on Instagram and share your story with me. I’d love for us to get to know each other and go on this podcasting journey together.

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