Could it be time to pivot? Are you on a path that will take you to the life you really want?

I want to take you through the story of my life over the last four years, so that you can see how I navigated the loss of my husband, the pandemic, and pivoting my business. 

It’s important to talk about self-care and how the seasons affect us as humans, so I want to share what I’ve learned about self-care in my life and the tools I use to manifest the life I want. 

The seasons change and so do we, so it’s okay to say that you want to pivot! The path you chose was right for you once, but maybe it’s not anymore, so what are you going to do about it? Are you going to stay on a path that doesn’t make you happy anymore, or are you going to pivot to start creating a life that you want for yourself?

Topics We’re Covering in This Episode:

  • What my life looked like after my husband passed away
  • Why I pivoted my business 
  • Getting clear on an ideal client 
  • Choosing a path and a future for yourself 
  • Manifesting what you want for your life 
  • Expressing gratitude for the life you’ve created for yourself

Write down what you want to manifest. Now is the perfect time to express gratitude for what you have and for what’s coming. You have the power to pivot your life. 

Creating a clear path for your business takes accountability, and I’d be happy to provide that for you. Whether you need consulting for your business operations or to rediscover your passion for business, I can help. Head over to to learn more about how I could be your strategic partner.


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