What’s a business without an offer?

One of the many areas of your business that you have to take care of is your products and services. Whether you’re product-based or service-based, you need to be putting out quality work. 

When your clients are looking at your offer, they’re tuned into the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) radio station. Do you know what your clients really need? You have to be aware of what their problems are and how your offer solves those problems if you want them to stick around. 

In this episode, I’m teaching you the basics of creating and refining an irresistible offer for your products and services. I’m covering offer creation, offer management, profitability, feedback, and more. 

Do you have an offer that your clients just can’t walk away from? Let’s find out.

Topics We’re Covering in This Episode:

  • When you need to review or expand your offers 
  • How to manage your offers 
  • Why your offer needs to be solving your clients’ problems 
  • Making sure your offer is profitable 
  • Getting feedback on your products and services
  • Using feedback to make positive changes

If you’ve been struggling to nail down an offer, I hope this episode helps. Remember, I’m still refining mine all the time! It won’t be perfect right away, but once you get started you can ask for feedback and use it to make your offer better and better.

Your products and services will always be evolving, and that’s great news because it means you have endless opportunities to improve them!

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