What offers do you have in your business? How do you work with your clients?

This episode is about the top three ways I work with my clients: VIP days, three-month intensives, and 1-to-1 coaching. 

We can become so focused on serving our clients that we forget to serve ourselves and our businesses. I’ve tried, failed, and succeeded enough times that I have my system nailed down, and now I want to share it with you. 

I love being able to meet my clients where they’re at and work with them through the offer best-suited to their needs. Everyone’s business looks different, so everyone’s looking for help in different ways. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration on how to structure your offers or wondering how you can work with me, this episode has something for you.

Topics We’re Covering in This Episode:

  • Why I do what I do 
  • The top three ways that I work with clients
  • What business mapping is 
  • What I talk about in sessions with my clients 
  • Running a three-month intensive 
  • The benefits of 1-to-1 coaching 
  • Making time to work on your business 
  • Creating the life you want

I’d love to help you work on your business whether that’s through one of the offers covered in this episode or some other way. I love talking about weddings and business, but more importantly, how to create the life you want outside your business.

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